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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A cool move

On Sunday at the country club, there was much controversy about a move I made.  Here's the setup:
In my hand I had:   FF 33669 DDD DDJ.
The 369 were in bams, with three red dragons, two soaps and a joker.
It was towards the end of the game.  No 9 bams had gone out, so there were still three out there somewhere.
A soap went out and I called it.  Then I threw the joker.
What an uproar!  "What did you do that for?  How could you call and then throw a joker?"
Well, people, why do you think?
Two picks later I picked the 9 bam and presented a jokerless hand.

Every game has its unusual moves.  I will be reporting on other ones as they come up.
Happy mahj!

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