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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Like a Shakespearian tragedy - everybody died

I played with a new group last night and something pretty funny and unusual happened. At first everyone agreed to be sworn to secrecy because it was so embarrassing, but I thought it would make a cool blog story and agreed not to use any names, just initials.

So here's what went down.

G called for and exposed a kong of one bams. So far so good.
M called for a 9 bam. She took the nine from the table and exposed what at first glance appeared to be four nine bams, but one was a six bam. (She thought she could fool us by turning it upside down, but that didn't work.) So she said, well, never mind, I don't want the nine bam after all. DEAD! Rule: Once you've exposed, you can't take it back. She could have left three nine bams up and tried to change her hand, but she chose not to and she had no joker to make a kong. So her tiles went back in her rack, including the nine bam she called, as it was off the table.

So play continued with three hot and heavy. G declared Mahjongg and put out:

1133 113355 1111

So the other two players A and I, said "very nice" and proceeded to grouse about how we were set. Look, I said, exposing my entire hand. I only needed a 2 dot! And A showed her hand and said, oh, yeah? Look at this! One flower away from a singles and pairs! Boo hoo hoo!

Then M noticed something. Hey, wait a minute! Isn't that ---

And then G realized OMG, you're right! I'm dead!
And then A and I realized we were dead, too.

Now I read on a blog advice column that one way to attract comments is to ask people questions. So I know people are reading this because I have a counter.
So, you tell me, why were we all dead?

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  1. OK, so nobody commented! Well, here's the reason:
    G had called for and exposed four 1 bams. When she called for mahjongg, M realized that the hand G exposed was a concealed hand and G's hand was dead. Once A and I exposed our hands, we were also dead. So all us dead folks had a good laugh with that one.