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Saturday, November 27, 2010

So close yet so far...

Yesterday was so close to the "big hand" yet it all slipped away.  I opened with three soaps, two two dots, two one dots and NEW.  I picked the flowers but went dead on the South. Believe it or not, they all went out 1-2-3-4.  ARGH!  SO SAD!!!
Tomorrow I play with the "Country Club" set at my cousin's in New Jersey.  They play the "throw and pick" way and not the "pick and throw," so every tile I have to think:  Throw-pick-don't look, throw-pick-don't look.  They play an unlimited pie.  Last time I was there, I threw in to a singles and pairs hand, and unbeknownst to me, with their complicated table rules, I had to pay TEN DOLLARS for one hand.  I was in shock the rest of the day and swore I wouldn't be back, yet here I am going again tomorrow.  Glutton for mahjongg?  You bet!
Hello to my first follower!


  1. Hi Linda!
    It's an honor to be your first follower. I found your blog from Tom Sloper's website. He is a scream isn't he?

    I used to have 2 Maj games and I loved it so much. Then we moved to a new city and I haven't been able to find another group to play with. I guess people have their own friends and it's been harder than I expected, and I do miss it. So reading your blog makes me feel like I have a Maj friend again.

    Good luck with the "country club set"! I hope you win back your $10 and then some, and have a great time.


  2. Hi, Amy. Sorry you can't find a game. I know how it can be. Have you thought about putting up flyers or offering to teach? Checked out senior centers or temples? I started a mahjongg meetup in my neighborhood and we got a nice turnout. All you need is three.

    If you ever play online, my name is LindaNY. I'm usually on after 10 p.m. EST if you want to play.