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Monday, January 23, 2023

Buying a Card 2023 Edition

I had written a post about this back in 2018, and while most things are the same, some things need to be updated. First and foremost, however is the timing. Now is the time to buy the 2023 card. The longer you wait, the later you will receive your card and you will be very upset when everyone has the card before you. The first mailing of the new card goes out the last week in March, and your order must be received by early February in order to make that first mailing, so don’t dally. 

Many of you have ordered from collectors who sell cards for the benefit of a charitable organization. These orders must be placed by the first week in February as well and the cards will be distributed in the first mailing as well. If you want your card in the first mailing, and you have not ordered from a collector, you must order directly from the National Mahjongg League website – When you buy a card directly from the League, you become a member and will receive the bulletin in December. Be aware that there are reputable mahjongg retailers who also sell the card, but if you place your order with them, it will not come in the first mailing, and you will not become a member of the League. Retailers will often have links that will pop up and make you think you are buying from the League, but while you will be getting a League card, you will be getting it after all the members receive theirs. You also will be charged tax and shipping. The League does not charge tax or shipping for cards. 

You can also mail in a check, but do not mail it in to the 450 Seventh Avenue address. The League now uses a service to process the tens of thousands of checks they receive. If you have your bulletin, you can use your sticker order form, make your check out to the National Mah Jongg League, and send it to PO Box 50003, Newark, NJ 07101-1130. If you do not have the bulletin, include with your check your name and address, your email, whether or not you are a new member or this is a renewal, and the details of your order (number and size of the cards). If you are buying for yourself and others, specify whether you want all the cards to go to you, or delivered to each person individually, and give the order details. You do not need a self-addressed, stamped envelope. You are not charged tax or shipping

The price has gone up this year – it’s $14 for the standard size and $15 for the large print. This is a result of increased prices across the board for paper, shipping, mailing, staff and all the other work the League does, and to ensure that the quality of the card remains high. There have been many reports of counterfeit cards received by people who ordered from websites other than the League’s.  These cards are very poor quality and needless to say the counterfeiters do not donate any of their proceeds.

The League will also be increasing its charitable donations, which amounts to millions of dollars each year – all from the sale of the cards. We all know that people are struggling and these donations go a long way and help a lot of people, which has been the mission of the League for 86 years. 

So hurry up and order the cards! What are you waiting for?

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