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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Four-Joker Anomalies


Someone posted this hand on the Modern Mahjongg site saying she had been dealt four jokers and was set at the Charleston.  She had made the bottom quint on the 2021 card.  When I saw it, I realized that it could also be

the sixth hand down in consecutive run.  Luckily, she had made no exposures and declared mahj as the quint, or else would have cheated herself out of 15 points.  

Then, later that day when I was playing, I also had four jokers - 
It made me a little crazy.  I knew I was set, but for what hand?  Did I need:

a flower?

a two or a three?

or a 1 crak?  

I found some others...



and how about...

Is this 222 0000 222 DDDD
or 222 000 222 1111?

and this three-joker anomaly...

I wonder how the bots decide which hands these are????


  1. question? if you stop the Charleston, why would you be able to pass 3 tiles in the courtesy? doesn't make sense to stop the charleston? Is this correct.

    1. I agree it doesn't make sense to stop the Charleston if you have three tiles to pass in the option, but I have seen it happen (go figure)!

    2. There’s an option to pass zero, 1, 2, or 3 tiles. At the option.

  2. If a player has a dead hand do they expose the tiles in her rack and not continue

    1. If a player has been declared dead by another player (and a player should NEVER declare herself dead) if the hand is indeed dead, the player stops playing. If there were tiles exposed on the rack before she was declared dead, those tiles stay exposed. If a player is declared dead because they made an erroneous exposure or declared mahjongg in error, any tiles that were not previously exposed on the rack should be put back in the sloping part of the rack and not stay out on top.

  3. In a pong, is only one joker aloud

    1. You may use more than one joker in a pung or kong. You can even use jokers for all the tiles in the pung or kong.