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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Ruth Unger - 1926-2015

Mrs. Unger’s passing marks the end of an era. Her presidency spanned 51 years - my entire mahjongg life and then some.  Her imprimatur reached out from the tiny office on 57th Street and, through the three-colored card that we all know and love, entered our dining rooms, tournament halls and basements to imprint itself on our hearts.

The world has changed much, sometimes too much, and it can be overwhelming.  But when we sit down to play we know that there is something consistent, traditional and of the highest order in our lives and this is due to Mrs. Unger. Her dedication to the game, the rules and the steadfastness of her presence brought joy to the League's half million members.  Add our numbers to the countless others that have benefited from donations made by the League on our behalf.  Think about that for a bit – the amount of money generated by the sale of the card, year after year, being disseminated to a myriad of worthy causes. There are few, if any, organizations I can think of that operate in this way.  This is what Mrs. Unger presided over.

The League has recently moved to new offices.  Mahjongg is expanding, reaching contemporary audiences,  new generations and the virtual world. We do not as yet know what this change will mean for us as players, but I am sure we will stand behind the League as they learn to steer the ship without her hand.

Goodbye, Mrs. Unger. We are all
deeply appreciative of your devotion and will remain forever your fans.

1 comment:

  1. Linda,
    Very nice posting. Mrs. Unger's passing is most definitely a "changing of the guard for the league." I hope that when she played her final game on earth, she made a spectacular Mahj!
    Marin MJ Player