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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Things are Seldom What they Seem

Things are seldom what they seem
You get soaps when you want greens
Fours and ones they go together
One-two-three hand gone forever

What is with this card?  I consider myself an advanced player, yet when I open it is like I am reading a novel in a foreign language.  Mish-mashes of unmatched tiles, and still, five months into the card, I am looking for hands that were there last year.  This year more than any other it seems as though the tiles have different meanings and pairings and patterns that used to work, work no longer and combinations that I never thought of before suddenly must be considered.

For example:  
What gives with this hand?  Flowers, dragons and 2014?  One-two-dragon?  One-nine dragon?  A little of this, a little of that.

Or this one:

Two-eight dragon dragon?  Flowers and dragons?  One-two-three dragon dragon?  Dragon dragon 2014?  Help!!!!!!

 Then there was this little hand that fooled me.
Started out as two-four-six-eight-dragon, but then in the last pass I picked up a 5 bam and a 3 bam.
 So I switched it to the run.
Except the one bams weren't coming out.

Which turned out to be good for me, since I picked up the four and another five.
Presto quinto!

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