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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Mah Jongg Playlist

Marlon Brando sings "Luck Be a Lady Tonight"

Has mah jongg ever made you feel like singing?  Somewhat to my embarrassment, it has for me.  It seems that at the most inopportune times I burst into song - and practically give my hand away.  I have a veritable playlist in my head during mahjongg games - it would make a great musical!

For example, when I open, a Motown classic comes to mind - It's Gonna Take a Miracle by the Marvelettes.  When you hear me singing that song, it means I have no jokers.  So many tiles - consecutive run?  But which one? 

Okay.  Flowers, one dot, two bam, three crak. But I don't have any flowers and I only have one three crak.  Time to sing that old Dusty Springfield favorite:

The passing ends, the play starts.  Time for Carol King - So Far Away, right?  The two bams start going out,aaaggghhh... So I try to change my hand to the 2013 hand.  I throw a 2 bam, then pick a joker.  

I still need a flower, there are none on the the table.  
Someone else must be playing them.  

I pick another two bam.  
I don't have my soap yet and suddenly the flowers start going after the other.  Someone calls and puts up four flowers.  Two are on the table, then three, then I pick the soap.

I throw out my discard and someone calls for mahj!  I say "very nice" but I'm really thinking......

Do you sing while you play?  Or does your unconscious mind give you away in a different way?  Tell us about it!


  1. Cute, cute, cute!

  2. There are a couple of great iPhone apps available for beginner Mah Jongg players. Mah Jongg Groove helps you keep track of which pass you are on in the Charleston. Mahjong Mojo helps you keep track of your table rules and Mahjong Bettor helps you keep track of which player was bet on. Check them out!