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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Post-hurricane Mahjongg

My house is in there somewhere

There's a song that asks, "Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you got 'til it's gone?"  We learned this over the last few weeks after Hurricane a/k/a Superstorm Sandy.  On the Friday before the storm A., who had rebuilt her basement due to last year's hurricane, feared the worst, and the worst did come in the form of an even greater flood and the destruction of her mahjongg den!!!!!  Waaahhhhhh!

L. lost three cars and part of her house and couldn't drive to a game!!!!!!!!!!!  R. was at home with her 84-year-old dad with no heat and no power, unable to see the tiles!!!!!!!!!!  S. couldn't play because the L train wasn't running!!!!!!!!  G. couldn't come because there was no gas to be found!!!!  I had a giant tree on my house and couldn't open the front door.  Help!  Help!  I've got to get to my game!!!!

The flood waters receded and the streets cleaned up.  It will take awhile for normal life to resume for some, but, boy, are people happy to get back to playing.  Janice's fundraising tournament in Long Island had 24 tables, almost 100 people relieved to be doing something light and carefree, able to take their mind off the troubles of the day.  Our Friday night games are back in full swing, all present and accounted for.  How much better to complain about your crappy hand than your stingy insurance company.  What a relief to only have thirteen tiles to control and make into a recognizable pattern.  How wonderful to have friends to tell your story to.

The moral of the story is:  Recovery begins with mahjongg.  If you can sit down and play you're OK and things can't be that bad - it's all in the game.

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  1. We are in upstate NY and were mercifully spared.
    My wish is for all of you to rebuild quickly and safely.
    Thanks for the update Linda :-)